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DIP foundry Ltd. is manufacturing and trading company of non-ferrous alloys. It was founded in 1994 in Novi Sad. Initially, the company is exclusively engaged in the production of zinc alloys. Later it extends its economic activities to the production of Aluminium and copper alloys. Alloys are produced from primary and secondary raw materials, that are purchased on local, European and worldwide market, according to the main international standards. The first group includes: zinc, silicon, tin, minor metals, the second group includes: aluminium waste, copper waste, bronze waste and brass waste.

For a long time we are the leading manufacturer of non-ferrous metals alloys in Serbia and the region, primarily thanks to our desire to obtain high quality finished product that meets the needs of our customers. In order to achieve and maintain that, we are investing great efforts in technical and technological equipping of our production plant and laboratory, as well as in the team organization of our employees, where we put special emphasize on their own knowledge and experience. When we add to that some other important links in the chain of our business, such as: classification and treatment of raw materials, radioactivity control, constant quality testing during and after production, success is inevitable.

Foundry capacity is 700 tons of alloys per month. Alloys are made in accordance with EN, DIN and SRPS standards or by special chemical composition on customer's demand. As we have already mentioned, the chemical composition of future ingots is constantly checked during the production process. We test it in our own modern equipped laboratory. The production process uses natural gas as an energy source, furnaces for melting are with automatic line for metal casting and ventilation system with filters for eliminating air pollution by reducing harmful substances and reducing environmental pollution. All alloys are delivered with certificate. Ingot weight is 6 or 8 kg. Ingots are packed on pallets 500-1000 kg weight. Each palette is marked with serial number, name of goods, palette total weight and reference batch number.

When we talk in concrete figures, over 90% of our products are placed to the market of the European Union, and currently we employ about 50 workers, with a tendency of further growth in both indicators.

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Sale of finished products DIP
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Increase in number of employees over the years DIP


Alloys of Aluminium,
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A leading manufacturer of non-ferrous alloys

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  • Manufacturer of non-ferrous metals
  • Manufacturer of non-ferrous metals
    "A leading manufacturer of non-ferrous metals in Serbia and the region."