Mission and Vision



To remain a top producer of aluminium alloys in the world of superior quality, to be a driving force of development in the field of casting of light metals in the country and the region, to continue to prove as one of the most respected manufacturer in the region and remain synonymous with quality and value.

In accordance with these are our further efforts to expand our own export network, how we could, as a socially responsible company, present our qualities on the global level, satisfying the needs of all market participants.



To be a leader in the production of eco-efficient products on the world level, and primarily focused on customer satisfaction, as well as fostering long-term and stable business relationships.


Our team

Behind every successful company stands a successful team-work employees.

Currently our company DIP employs about 50 workers, and it is at the same time our most important resource in which we constantly invests, both: in the field of knowledge and skills, as well as in the field of safety at work, now and in the future.

Every individual has its own competencies whose execution is very important to achieve a common goal.

What characterizes a great DIP team is that everybody gives their best work under any circumstances, using their individual capabilities and cooperating with each other, avoiding personal conflicts between individuals.

The skills and experiences of our team of over 20 years allows us to produce high-quality, fast and efficient. All our employees are very dedicated, and knowledge gained in the framework of our company remains in it and applied for the benefit of continuous product development. Also, employee fluctuation is very small, it is almost nonexistent, which is an additional indicator of the satisfaction of all.