Why recycle




Any material, product or item that, while performing production, service or other activities, remains excluded from use.

What is waste


The collecting process of waste which can be recycled and reused in order to reduce environmental pollution, save energy and natural resources. By recycling we prevent the waste from ending in nature and damaging our environment.

What is recycling?

About Aluminium...

Aluminium is the most widely used metal worldwide. More than a third of this material comes from recycling. According to statistics, 20 million tons of secondary Aluminium ends up in annual processing. Manufacture from recycled Aluminium requires less energy and emits much less harmful gases.

“USED AS NEW”... one of main charasteristics of this material, also recognizable by:

  • silvery white color,
  • it's exceptional softness and ease,
  • small density,
  • good conductivity of heat and energy,
  • non-toxicity,
  • in combination with other selected metals it significantly increases its strength and durability...

The life cycle of Aluminium means that he could be used on and on in the production process. Aluminium alloys are made from aluminium waste. By processing these alloys, companies made a finished products for different purposes, all of these finished products after some time again ends up in the recycling and come into production, creating an endless cycle. In this way we contribute to the protection of the environment.

Aluminium life cycle

We recycle waste, you make money!